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Nidavellnir is the leading UK specialist in Viking-Age nalbinding. Nidavellnir specialises in the Single Danish stitch called 'languette' as well as the York Stitch; which creates a fine and durable textile. Nidavellnir makes nalbound items such as hats, socks and gloves. All items are hand crafted out of pure wool; from Icelandic, Shetland and British Rare breed wool. Custom orders welcome. Nidavellnir is a member of the HCA-UK as well as Exarc, an international body for he protection of heritage reconstruction and interpretation. Nidavellnir has made nalbound items for museum displays, educational resources, re-enactment communities and the TV/Film Industry. From the British Museum to Roskilda Ship Museum. Nidavellnir launched the first Nalbinding for Beginners Book and Starter Kit in February 2018, to promote, teach and safeguard this heritage craft. In March 2019, Nidavellnir was instrumental in getting Nalbinding listed as an Endangered Heritage Craft, as there are very few skilled professionals teaching this craft. Nidavellnir's aim is to safeguard this craft by attending wool craft and heritage shows, teaching, demonstrating and encouraging people to start learning this ancient craft. Nidavellnir is owned by Viking-Age Archaeologist and Heritage Specialist Emma 'Bruni' Boast MA. A Published author and active heritage professional, with over 15years experience in education and  heritage engagement. In March 2020, Nidavellnir joined the UK Guild of Master Craftsmen UK.

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Viking-Age Nalbinding Living History Demonstrations, Craft/Educational Displays, Nalbinding for Beginners Have-a-go Sessions, Archaeological and Historical Public Lectures, Open to invites to craft, wool and heritage fairs.
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