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For more than 40 years, BABA has developed and promoted the work of the modern artist blacksmith. BABA has united thousands of professional and amateur smiths (and interested others) across Britain and the rest of the world in a spirit of friendship and collaboration, to learn about, enjoy and advance the extraordinary craft of creative blacksmithing.

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As a result of the vision of a handful of pioneers, and with some inspiration from abroad, the British Artist Blacksmiths Association was created in 1978, with 30 charter members.

The organisation now numbers some 600 full members, with other overseas subscribers receiving our Magazine by subscription only. Our members come from around the globe. Most are professionals, but there are many students, amateurs, organisations and supporters contributing to the overall vitality. BABA is the collected and distilled essence of what makes blacksmiths similar to each other and different from those whose principle interests lie elsewhere. BABA is not exclusive and does not vet membership. In fact, the chief aim of the group is to share the knowledge, experience and fellowship we feel is necessary to maintain and forward the art.

To this end, we:

  • Organise forge-ins and hold an annual conference

  • Hold masterclasses

  • Publish for members a magazine (usually 4 issues per annum) and monthly newsletter

  • Offer a competitive insurance scheme

  • Offer an extensive list of books for sale on ironwork and related subjects.

  • Organise gallery exhibitions

  • Organise the production of large public sculptures in which the talents of as many members as possible are showcased

We welcome your membership should you decide to join us.

You can also subscribe to our magazine without becoming a member, but only if you reside outside the United Kingdom


British Artist Blacksmiths Association