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Wheelwrights and vintage bespoke joinery wooden wheels made new and repaired Carriage and wagon restoration Bespoke vintage joinery and metal fabrication Romany Gypsy caravans Traditional signwrighting and decorating  

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Family business established 36 years I was lucky enough to learn the trade as an apprentice to Tom Clark a wheelwright and Carriage restorer from Buxton who I worked with for over 25 years. He started in the 1930s and had a lot of experience to draw from. My son Arran also works in the business as well as my wife Jane who does all the Painting, signwriting, linning and romany style decoration on the romany carts and wagons. check my YouTube channel steveibean for wheelwrighting videos with over 10 million views, more instructional videos added soon.  
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Yes, by appointment only
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Not available


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