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I am a glass coldworker. I shape and decorate glass by grinding it when it is cold. My coldworking area is a bit like a museum but I use my lovely old machines to produce contemporary work. I also have a warm glass area for shaping and decorating glass in a kiln.

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Glass coldworking. I use traditional wheels on a number of old glass cutting lathes to produce contemporary work. I have been honoured to occasionally coldwork for great glass artists such as Peter Layton, Anthony Scala, Laura McKinley and Layne Rowe. I have also completed glass restoration work for Nostalgic Glass. My warm glass area is well equipped, a newer venture for me. Just so happy to make with the most marvelous material!  


Unit 3 Beales Yard
Grotto Hill (just up the road from the incredible Shell Grotto)
United Kingdom