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Leather Artisan & Marble Artist, South Devon, England Designing aprons, home accessories, soft furnishings and vessels, using a combination of traditional tools, heritage-craft techniques and contemporary design aesthetic, I create items to last a lifetime, which can be repaired, then passed to future generations, before eventually being composted.   Crafting traditionally in this way, is a slow made, considered process, with all my items made to order. Bespoke fit for apparel items, customers choose the leather and linen thread combinations. I marble on leather, goat parchment, sheepskin, cork, linen, paper and card.  By incorporating marbling and personalisation, each piece made, is one of a kind. I also work with clients for commissioned designs and collections.   The materials I use are sustainable, compostable and ethically sourced.  I work with Devon Oak Bark and Tuscan Veg-Tanned Leather, Dartmoor Sheepskin, British Wool and organic fabrics, including British Oilskin, Portuguese Cork, French Linen, as well as vintage denim and dead stock designer fabrics.  I use repurposed copper thread in my textile work, a by-product of the electrical industry and British metal hard ware, from a foundry in the Midlands.

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Bespoke, made to order home accessories, vessels, aprons and soft furnishings.  Commissions undertaken. Hand-crafted, hand cut, hand stitched. Hand tooled, decorative painted and dyed. Marbling Leather, Textiles, Paper, Card. Materials Devon Oak Bark Veg-Tanned Leather, Veg-Tanned Dartmoor Sheepskin, Italian Veg-Tanned Leather, Organic British Oilskin, British Wool, French Linen and Organic Portuguese Cork.