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Nikki is a traditionally trained kiltmaker at The Kiltmakery in Edinburgh.  Her main focus is to keep the craft of kiltmaking alive.  She was one of only a handful of kiltmakers who were still making kilts by hand so felt she had to pass on her knowledge and so at The Kiltmakery took up teaching the craft.  Nikki also saw that kiltmakers had no support and their pay was awful they were invisible and open to abuse.  So she set up a support network for all of her students, and time served kiltmakers,  and now has a thriving Facebook group where they can share problems and knowledge.  Kiltmaking has always been an isolated craft and Nikki has helped break this cycle.  She runs an open door policy in the workroom, any kiltmaker can come in and use the space for their work as well as having social get togethers. Part of her passion has always been the history of kilts and tartan and also goes to events to give talks on the subject.  She makes sure this passion is also passed on to her students.

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The Kiltmakery
Unit 4, 7 Sandport Place
EH13 9JY
United Kingdom