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I came to greenwood carving late in life, after seeing carved spoons at a craft fair in Banbury, North Oxfordshire, in 2012.  I knew absolutely nothing about the 'greenwood tradition' but, after attending a spoon-carving workshop a couple of weeks later, I was hooked. Now I'm retired, I tend to concentrate on smaller items that are both less arduous to carve, and where I can see the finishing line! It was very pleasing when one of my spoons was chosen for display at Harewood House in May 2022, alongside carvers that I've admired since my journey in the slöjd tradition began.

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I mostly make spoons and smaller treen, always hand-carved in freshly felled (green) wood, often salvaged windfall, and use just axes and knives to shape and fashion a functional item.  The act of reshaping something that has grown naturally, often over many decades, is an extraordinarily satisfying endeavour.  Sometimes the physical nature of the wood will lead the way to reshaping into a functional item, sometimes a straightforward plan will also work.  The skill is realising what can be achieved, and which tools to use to get there, and is doubly satisfying when the item is finished, and looks and feels good in the hand.  Nothing I make has a 'sand-papered' finish.  Sharp blades leave their own sheen, and are the makers marks.  I rarely decorate or paint items, as I prefer to let the wood and grain show their intrinsic beauty.  When carving, the  direct connection with nature is obvious, and very satisfying.
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