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Pole lathe turning, bowls, treen. Whittling. I own a small woodland in the heart of Pembrokeshire near the old market town of Narberth, in which I’ve built my workshop and woodland workspaces. I host the Pembrokeshire APT&GW group and Narberth Whittling Association on a weekly basis. We have a small forge for tool making and soon will produce our own charcoal. I make stick chairs, turn bowls, whittle and some leather work. I will soon have small woodland accommodation, that is a cabin, tree house and shepherds hut that I’ll offer as part of a package in which people can stay while doing small introductory courses. The workshop is off grid and was built with only hand tools using materials sourced from just one mile away or reused and up cycled  Activities there are done without the use of mains electricity. However I do have batteries charged by a solar panel which are used for lighting.

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Narberth Whittling Association HQ
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