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Master Neon Maker. (glass or neon bender) This involves glass blowing by taking glass tubes and manipulating them into forms and or letters, which are then processed so they light up. Example: A group of these tubes lit together, create a traditional neon sign.

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Julia has been manipulating and processing glass neon tubes for well over 3 decades and she uses her knowledge and skills to create some amazing installations of light. She has given demonstrations and nurtured interested folk in the world of crafted light. For decades Julia’s work was seen on the high street to the bright red dots you see on high buildings and in places you would never expect neon to be. but these days it can be seen in Art Galleries, TV and film also used for Commissions in art works, corporate engagements and education as well as her own creative work.


46 Fairburn Drive, Garforth
LS25 2AP