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Here at Black's Railway Workshop we construct model locomotives powered by steam or battery electric.   The models are designed in house using CAD but we can also produce drawings by hand if required to the same standard. The models are created by using traditional hand tools (like piercing saws, files, hacksaws), analogue machine tools (lathe and milling machine), bench sanders and grinding wheels. Steel, copper and brass being the most common materials used.  Our workshops have produced items for the Talyllyn Railway's workshop and undertaken some restoration work on the side as well.  The platform trolley in the Tywyn Wharf Station being a prime example.

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I am a self taught model engineer and there are not many in this field to give a fair comparison to my level of expertise.  However I am confident in being able to construct a whole working live steam locomotive in miniature to 16mm scale. I also produce glass engraving/carvings in my spare time for a limited audience, and one of my pieces lives with Her Majesty the Queen in Buckingham Palace, after I sent it to her as a Jubilee Anniversary gift.  A very nice letter was received in response.


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