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The Alfonso Scoppetta Jewelry Brand was born in Naples (Italy) in 2006. The passion for craftsmanship was born at an early age as my grandfather was a craftsman. He created plaster decorations to embellish important houses and buildings. After a few years of apprenticeship in goldsmith workshops where vintage and antique jewels were created and restored, I decided to move to London and start a new adventure. Here in London I had the opportunity to work in workshops specializing in the creation of vintage jewelery and I was able to enrich my knowledge. Currently the Alfonso Scoppetta Jewelry brand is dedicated to the creation of art neavou-inspired jewels ,located in Hatton Garden, the historical jewellery quarter in London. Alfonso Scoppetta Jewelry's mission is to create jewels that can emotions as a response to the negative consequences of industrialization, proposing a return to nature and adherence to a healthy lifestyle.  

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Handmade art neavou and art deco jewellery Vintage jewellery repaire and restoration Vintage jewellery alterations


Hatton Garden

Coral branch ring

handmade coral branch ring . Only one is available.