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I am engaged in the maintenance, restoration and rebuilding of early keyboards (primarily harpsichords). I studied this craft with Gerrit Klop (1991, Holland) and Michael Scheer (1992, Germany). Over three decades, dozens of instruments have been repaired, restored or rebuilt, located in seven countries in Europe and the Middle East. The work on the instruments was summarized in a series of four articles, first published in the FoMRHI Quarterly (The Fellowship of Makers and Research of Historical Instruments, of which I became a permanent member in 1998 and a member of the Board in 2015).

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Restoration and rebuilding of early keyboards (primarily harpsichords).


1 Nof ha-Golan Street

English Bentside Spinet

Hubbard’s English Bentside Spinet (replica of a 1765 Baker Harris instrument)

Year of building: 1988

Year of rebuilding: 2020

Features made: Transposing keyboard (440-415 Hz), yellow brass / bronze strings (different for even and odd notes)