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Wheelwright / Wainwright / Cooper As a wheelwright I build new and repair old wooden wheels. These are for carriages, market carts, cannons, vintage cars, wheelbarrows and most recently bicycles. Anything that uses a wooden wheel. Having built the wheel I can then go on to build the carriage or cart. This year I have expanded my range to include domestic Cooperage - wooden buckets and items for the home. Whilst cooperage for the drink industry is a viable craft the domestic side has been in decline. I am producing wooden buckets based on Historical designs. All the timber I use for wheels and buckets is sourced direct from local sawmills.    

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Wooden Buckets

This year I have expanded my range to included Wooden Buckets and other Domestic Cooperage. Historically accurate these have been purchased by Museums and reenactors alike.

I offer a standard range and am always happy to consider one offs or special sizes.

Contact me for details.