Featured: Golden Hands

‘It is a great privilege to be involved in the creation of new interior items, to be able to touch the history with my own hands and feel its eternity right here.’ Yuri Karpov, Golden Hands.

In 1996 Yuri started his career as an Antique Furniture Conservator Restorer. He completed his 6-year apprenticeship in one of the renowned Moscow’s private Restoration workshops and then went to the UK to learn more about Restoration and Furniture Making Art.

After years of working in different countries and being involved in various important projects in the field of conservation, as well as in designing and creating top quality heirlooms and special furniture, Yuri became known as Golden Hands for his passion and dedication to every single detail in his work. He has developed a number of different trends of activities which he puts into practice in his workshop in Newbattle, Scotland.

His work can be found in museums as well as in private collections in Moscow, Russia; in the Scottish Parliament; in The Royal & Ancient Golf Club St Andrew; some private collections in Edinburgh, Scotland; in London, United Kingdom, and in private collections in Belgium, The USA and Japan.

Golden Hands specialise in Making Bespoke Furniture Items as well as in Traditional Restoration & Conservation using the most up to date developments and materials available on the market.