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Yvette is a textile and embroidery artist based in Oxfordshire.  She specialised in print making for her art degree, then spent a decade working in the music industry before returning (with husband and children) to her home village of Blewbury in Oxfordshire.  There, she resurrected her lifelong passion for sewing, embroidery, and textiles.   Vintage fabrics are central to her practice, not just for their aesthetics, but for how they connect with lives and memories. Textiles can provoke an emotional response, and have an inherent history that makes transforming them a meaningful process, preserving fragments of times past in a contemporary way.  As well as reusing something that would otherwise be discarded, they give a resonance and sense of a past life to her work.  She combines appliqué and hand embroidery to create a rich palette of colours, patterns and textures; imbuing birds and small mammals with life and individual character, colour combinations that sing, and a sense of atmosphere. Yvette is a member of the Oxford Art Society and the Society for Embroidered Work.  She exhibits her work regularly, and takes commissions.

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Tawny Owl & Wood Mouse

Hand embroidery on vintage Liberty fabric