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From a very early age I have always been fascinated with fans from its history, usage, style and materials. Having studied the performing, creative arts from college to Masters level and then working within this field for several years helped to deepen and strengthen my interest and knowledge of fans. Listed as a critically endangered craft by the HCA in 2017, propelled me (to start Fan The Glory With Tori) to continue teaching, 'in person' classes and also to start online sessions too! all as 'experiences'. I'm passionate to see that people of all ages and backgrounds can learn the basics of this ancient craft in a fun, safe and therapeutic way.

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Specialised in
Fan History, Fan Making Demonstrations (for all ages), Paper & Wood, Teaching Fan Making Classes, 'In Person' and 'Online' (for all ages), Performance Art Fans.
Open to the Public?
Yes, by appointment only
Provides Course / Training
Available for Craft Fairs
Available - please ask about pricing


Fan The Glory With Tori

Fan The Glory With Tori Memorabilia Souvenir Folding Hand Fan

Stay cool as you, fan yourself with freedom with an effortless flick of the wrist. This folding hand fan is designed to suit both males and females and can go well with every outfit. The frame is sturdy yet light in weight and can easily travel around with you for every occasion. All fans come with an individual box ready to be given as a gift to someone special. £40.00 VAT incl