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My path to the forge started by becoming a farrier in La Mancha, Central Spain, just outside the city of Toledo. Eventually I found myself working¬†in Newmarket (Suffolk). After my knees called it quits for shoeing horses, what once was a hobby is now a fulltime occupation and my transformation from Shoeing Smith to Bladesmith is complete! I forge¬†my knife blades in High Carbon Steel, either as monosteel (one single piece of steel) or as Pattern Welded (multi-layered ) also known as 'Damascus' steel. Wood is my preferred material for handles and I source them locally, in general, from pruning.      

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Specialised in
Kitchen Knives, Japanese and Western Styles Bushcraft/Outdoor Knives
Open to the Public?
Yes, by appointment only
Provides Course / Training
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Available - please ask about pricing

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