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Tapestry kits and patterns with a design led edge. Unique stitching is also used in our range of homewares and stationary. Bespoke Kits for Heritage venues, currently at Brighton Royal Pavilion, Birmingham Museums and Art Gallerys

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I am a published author in canvas work bargello stitching. I create stitch kits and have been commissioned by Brighton Pavilion, Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery and various other heritage sites to create kits for them.
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Yes, by appointment only
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By Tina Francis
c/o 35e Tenby Street
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Mid Century Library

I live in a city where some people can remember 3 different central libraries, the lates incarnation is a jewel of a building that has viewing platforms where you can see the whole city. Its newness and belies the heritage that it contains. The kit comes in many colourways as I am hoping it this will encourage the building to stay around for a while!