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I work primarily in natural stone and started off as an apprentice-trained Stonemason working on the restoration of old buildings. This trade background gave me the elbow-room to specialise and become a Letter Carver, producing calligraphic designs worked into hand carved inscriptions. This in turn led on to working on public sculpture projects for councils, housebuilders and housing associations, as well as smaller sculptures for private clients. 


My practice focuses on how engagement with communities can support significant change in the built environment, developing acceptance through growing people’s sense of place and ownership. In my public art projects I work towards place-makers and not space-invaders!

One of the main driving forces is the calligraphic interpretation of words, and how they are applied in public settings. I also investigate how the viewer interacts with text if presented as a tactile 3D object.

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The Stone and Letter Workshop
Stag Works
84 John Street
S2 4QU

Sycamore Heights Poem Boulder

A public art project installed in Sheffield