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Coles Castings is a foundry in north Dorset specialising in bespoke cast iron, bronze and aluminium casting for art, design and heritage projects. We cover an extensive range of foundry techniques including grey iron smelting, sand moulding, and lost wax. In addition to commission work, we also have a special interest in historical foundry methods including building furnaces for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.   As part of our practice we host The Annual Dorset Iron Pour, which first took place in 2015.  We started this as an opportunity for founders, craftspeople and other interested parties to participate in running a traditional cupola furnace and learn about this rare and unique craft.   We offer workshops including sand moulding, lost wax investment and patination. We also offer more experimental sessions such as furnace building, dung moulding and other techniques related to metal casting.

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Ferrous metal casting; non-ferrous metal casting; furnace building; metal finishing; patination of metals.    
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Yes, by appointment only
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Available for Craft Fairs
Available for educational events only


United Kingdom

Shericon 1

Cast iron sphericon cast for a performance work in 2017. The piece is cast iron brazed with bronze, it has been displayed outside to acquire a natural patina.