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Sophie Heywood creates chunky wool rugs, seat pads, cat mats and wall hangings using the traditional craft of peg-loom weaving, along with needle-felted jewellery, decorations and framed landscapes. She works and trades from her narrowboat home, traveling on the canals of Northern England. Sophie sources her wool directly from local farmers who keep rare breeds for the love of it and to preserve primitive sheep breeds including Manx Loaghtans and North Ronaldsay. Knowing the farmers' passion and care for their animals means that she knows the wool she works with is ethically sourced, and using local wool means her products are sustainable and not harmful to the planet. Currently based in Saddleworth, the wool she works with is sheared, hand-washed, woven or felted, and often sold within a 3 mile radius! Last year’s batch of Manx Loaghtan wool is being processed at a mill in Northern England meaning that this fully traceable, rare breed, naturally brown wool will soon be available to purchase as double knit yarn and carded roving for fellow crafters who are committed to using sustainable fibres.   Sophie also weaves bags and rugs using pre-loved clothing that can’t be re-used due to rips or stains. Creating sustainable textiles, jewellery and decorations is part of her aim to live a low-impact lifestyle. She plans to start peg loom weaving workshops very soon.  

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Needle-felted Owl – Commission

A gift commissioned by the farmers who I source the rare breed Manx Loaghtan wool from, for their son who keeps his own barn owl. Made with wool from their own farm and sat on a piece of driftwood from North Wales. Owls are available to order, all are unique.