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French bladesmith and gardener, I forge weld, grind, polish and sharpen Japanese inspired kitchen knives and billhook. Taking inspiration from the Japanese ethos of wabi-sabi, I'm adamant that “knives can be beautiful, but need first and foremost to be practical.” I value the centrality of food to life — and how using a quality knife can enhance the joy and quality of one’s cooking. Favouring the sustainability that using durable, locally-sourced materials lends his products over the disposability of their mass-produced equivalents, I'm passionate about the value of investing in tools that last. Hailing from a family of craftspeople, using his hands helps him to feel connected to his home, to the land, to the community of knifemakers and knife appreciators he is building around him.

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Knife is complex by design but simple by nature. It's basically just a cutting edge. My job is to make it efficient, durable and elegant.
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