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I originally trained as a calligrapher before discovering the joy of drawing and carving letters by hand. I work in both stone and wood to commission with headstones and public art being my particular specialisms, but I also create my own work when time allows, with local history, landscape and historical lettering being the main influences on my work. The most important part of my practice is creating headstones and memorials. Having seen many times the affect on my clients when they see a completed hand-carved headstone to a loved one, it is clear that letter carvers fulfil an important role in the grieving process. I am a great believer in the therapeutic and life changing benefits that letter carving can bring. I have many years experience of training and educating and I greatly enjoy passing on my skills and knowledge through workshops and one to one training. My eventual goal is to train an apprentice(s) and to establish a workshop practice that will continue for generations to come.  

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Headstones, plaques, public art, stones for gardens, training and education.
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Yes, by appointment only
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Available - please ask about pricing


Simon Langsdale Letter carver
Parndon Mill
Parndon Mill Lane
United Kingdom
CM20 2HP
United Kingdom

Memorial Bench to Peter King

The carving on this bench was commissioned to commemorate Peter King, who was a prominent inhabitant of the beautiful North Essex town of Thaxted. The legend “Thaxted is the hub of the universe” were words that Peter said to Princess Anne when she visited the town, and were deeply felt and believed by Peter. The building in the low relief carving is Thaxted’s Medieval Guild Hall, while Jupiter is included to acknowledge the period that the composer Gustav Holst lived in Thaxted and was a favourite piece of music for Peter.