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I am a self taught metalsmith and I make Copper Things. It started as a hobby in 2008, making wire jewellery. As I progressed on my creative journey I learnt to appreciate sheet metal, especially copper. So it is only natural that my work is now taking a new path in coppersmithing. In recent years I have been working mainly with sheet copper, crafting a decorative and functional range of copper jewellery, home-ware and sculptures.  I love working with sheet metal and creating interesting 3D forms and shapes, often using nothing more than a simple hammer to create textures. Recently I have also started enamelling, which has proven very popular with jewellery customers

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Metalwork (Copper), Enamelling
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Yes, by appointment only
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Enamelled Copper Wall Art MOODS!

Enamelled Copper Wall Art Reflecting My Moods

Raging – hot – cold – angry – weepy – deadly calm – bursting with energy – head all over the place – wonderful creative ideas – all of this and more!

Enamelled Copper Wall Art MOODS is quite a good reflection of many moods of Shalini (Me!).  All these moods could happen in the same day… sometimes within an hour!

I can almost see women of a certain age reading this and nodding their heads. Yes you guessed it, I am going through the “change” (well… menopause is how most people would understand it).  And one of the biggest symptom of this stage of life my has been mood swings.