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I am a self taught metalsmith and I make Copper Things. It started as a hobby in 2008, making wire jewellery and polishing rocks to sell at local craft shows and via my website. As I progressed on my creative journey I learnt to appreciate sheet metal, especially copper. So it is only natural that my work is now taking a new path in coppersmithing. Since 2014 I have been working mainly with sheet copper, crafting a decorative and functional range of copper jewellery, home-ware and sculptures.  I love working with sheet metal and creating interesting 3D forms and shapes, often using nothing more than a simple hammer to create textures.

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Coppersmithing, Wire Weaving, Lapidary
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Yes, by appointment only
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Available - please ask about pricing

AGNIMAY the Fiery

This copper dragon started as a fun project. I had some copper triangle pieces left over from cutting circles and ovals for jewellery and trays. Some of these pieces I had used to practice on, air-chasing, hammering etc.

The wings were crafted by fold forming copper triangles. The face was air-chased from a copper piece in similar style to the Woof Pendant. A piece of thick copper wire acts as the stand and allows for some movement on the sculpture if you touch the dragon.

Agnimay means fiery in Hindi, my mother tongue. He is a rustic, funky dragon. and if he could speak and fly I think he would be great fun and take you off for great adventures!

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