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Seeun Kim (She/Her) is an Oxford-based South Korean metal craftswoman, visual artist and educator. From her perspective, she believes that the human hand is a gift from human evolution. Even though today there are several technologies, handicraft products have a high scarcity and sophisticated beauty compared to mass–produced manmade products. Furthermore, there is an inexpressible complexity in the handicraft world that a machine cannot imitate. Seeun loves making things and believes in their value. Her main skills are delicate metal skills and since 2012 she has made over 1000 metal works to refine her sophisticated handicraft skills. She thinks that lots of practices, endeavours and failures are her best teachers and her worthwhile experiences are such a valuable book in her life. Moreover, as Kim is an innovative material researcher she has been focusing on finding diverse materials to combine with her delicate metal skills. Also, she pursues to keep the balance between the tradition and the modern in her work. As a result, Seeun has completed various art history jewellery projects, which combined her delicate metal skills with fascinating art histories beyond the Western and Eastern cultures. - In addition, Kim is deeply interested in various fields including art, culture, humanity, society, history, science and environment in a global society. As she is a member of modern society and an advocate of pluralism, she thinks it is important to keep the balance two factors the cultivation of a critical mindset and the maintenance of an esteem mindset about various issues of our society. Also, today we live in a global society. Because our society consists of various types of people, she thinks that the responsibility of the individual extends beyond themselves and encompasses their role in society. The problems faced by individuals, society and the state will differ depending on what society they are in and what institutions they have. Perhaps today we already think of the world in terms of it being an international family or global neighbours. Seeun thinks that the reason for the existence of our society is to make us more advanced and happy. Thus, she has completed diverse social art projects that combine jewellery with various global social issues. Her social art projects mainly involve jewellery and metal objects based on humanities and social sciences. Also with photography and film, Seeun conveys her thinking in the most inclusive ways possible – using text, British sign language and English braille. She hopes that her work will provide the people who appreciate it with an opportunity for self–reflection and awareness. She uses her work to communicate her many ideas; working with courage and dreaming of a society where everyone can live with a smile. She always endeavours to communicate with various public around the world through her social art projects. - Moreover, a number of Seeun Kim’s extraordinary craftworks have been globally patented. Also, over 100 of her major works have been acquired by globally respected museums including The Oriental Museum – Durham University, The National Museum of Scotland; the UK, Iksan Jewellery Museum, Byeokbong Korea Jewellery Museum, World Jewellery Museum Seoul and Korea National University Museum of Cultural Heritage – Cultural Heritage Administration of the Republic of Korea; Republic of Korea for the permanent public collections. Moreover, her various social art projects have been exhibited and collaborated with renowned public institutions including the NHS (The UK National Health Service – Arts for Health & Well-being Project, Since 2020), Westminster Reference Library, MyVision Oxfordshire – Supporting Visually Impaired People, Oxford Human Rights Festival, Oxford International Women’s Festival, Oxfordshire Artweeks, The North Wall Arts Centre Oxford, Fusion Arts Oxford, Modern Art Oxford, The Oxfordshire Museum and Pitt Rivers Museum Oxford – University of Oxford.  

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