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Photo Pens

These Photo Pens are something I turn on a regular basis and sell to raise ffunds for various Veterans Charities or good causes.

The Picture is wrapped around the pen tube before being encased in Glass Cast Resin and put in a pressure pot for 24 hours, once out the pot it is then a further 7 days before I turn them. When I first started I used to use a Sierra Pen Kit, however I was unhappy with the feel and quality of the kit, two of the most important things for a pen and so i needed to find an Alternative.

After Speaking with Dan at Taylors Mirfield, he kindly donated some TM ARES ANTIQUE kits in brushed copper and brushed chrome, WOW !!! what a fantastic kit, very high quality British made kit and nice feel to write with, I now only use these.

To Date These Pens with Various Pictures have raised over £1000 for various causes.