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Life On The Ocean Waves Platter

This Turned, Power carved and coloured piece, was inspired by the work of and assistance of Stewart Furini. I was fortunate to spend the morning with Stewart in January 2019 in his workshop in Brighton East Sussex.

I have been a fan of Stewarts work for a long time, not only because of the results he gets and being a fellow member of the West Sussex Woodturners Club, but also because of his work ethos, where he likes to be adventurous with Colour on wood and try lots of different methods for applying it.

This finished platter is approx 12″ in diameter and 2″ deep, turned from a piece of Kiln Dried Sycamore, I then applied the Texture to the Surface using a Proxon Long Handled Grinder with a rasp attachment, this was then sanded to around 240 grit using nylon rotary brushes and Chestnut products Nyweb. I then used several shades of Blue cutting back between coats with an Airbrush to create a piece that looked like waves on the Ocean. Once all colour was applied it was given several light coats of a gloss lacquer and the centre turned away. This is Piece provides a great talking point when we have guests for dinner.