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Scarlett has been teaching printmaking for over 10 years, specialising in lithography for the past 5 years. Scarlett’s work is a reflective and introspective approach to making, a meditation on themes of the afterlife. By overlaying figurative sketches with overpowering patterning Scarlett eludes to the presence of mortality that will inevitably overcome the subject. By combining animal patterns with the figure, she makes the viewer question the nature of the subject and where they have come from, in an attempt to align these ideas of afterlife with conflicting theories of evolution. Her artistic practice is deeply rooted in the practice of drawing, always returning to portraiture, the drawing is then taken through lithography and relief print processes.  Scarlett’s most recent series of prints developed from research into beliefs and folklore surrounding afterlife. She created an imagined narrative of an underwater afterlife where we return to a fish form that we originally evolved from. Scarlett has exhibited widely since 2013 in a number of independent shows and larger mixed exhibitions. Highlights include Stone Letter Project, TRI-ANGLE Gallery, Japan 2017, Marks Make Meaning, Brighton University Gallery 2018, and most recently the Contemporary Young Artist Award in March of 2020. Scarlett will be exhibiting as an invited artist at the Brighton Phoenix Art Space festival of print, November 2021. Scarlett works from, and teaches from her print studios in North Wales and Brighton.

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Traditional fine art printmaking processes; specialising in lithography and relief. Stone Lithography, plate lithography, photo lithography, foil lithography, wood lithography. Linocut, Etched Lino, collagraph and card collagraph. 'Printmaking at Home' online courses teaching professional standard printmaking skills for adaption at home established September 2020.
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