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  • I am a contemporary feltmaker using ancient techniques to showcase the beauty and diversity of our British wool.  Working with local and sustainable fleeces where possible, I create large scale wallhangings, installations and artworks, together with small items for the home. Felt is an ancient art for modern day living.
  • As a felt artist for almost thirty years, I understand the importance for the need to highlight the history, sustainability and renewable resources of wool and to be able to educate and show this to a wider audience.
  • My work is not only functional but has colour, texture and tactile qualities.  Using both traditional and innovative techniques I aims to show the diversity and qualities feltmaking can be taken to and pushes the boundaries with my work.  I am a very ‘hands on’ person and loves the tactile feel of felting. Each piece I produces is unique and loves that fact it can never be replicated. Sheep, wool and farming are in my blood and my current practice of felt artwork reflects my desire to connect with the land.
  • My work has been exhibited in the UK and internationally and I sell work though galleries and online. I am joint regional coordinator of the International Feltmakers Association and also a selected member of the Society of Designer Craftsman.
  • I have almost thirty years of experience in teaching feltmaking from school children, adults with learning difficulties to community projects. I give talks and workshops across the UK and online. Teaching and sharing my work have always been important for me. It not only encourages others to learn and find out more but also solidifies my own practice.

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Cell Work

Every individual piece of artwork has been created and hand felted by myself, using wool fibres, vintage fabrics, soap and water. This is a process known as Nuno Felting. Much of my work starts with inspirations from the landscape and I produce abstract art pieces by layering up fibres to produce work that has depth and movemnet. I am passionate about sustainability and as a sheep farmer in my earlier life am passionate about supporting British sheep farmers by using local wool where possible.

Dimensions 550mm x 575mm