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I'm a sail maker in real life! I learned the hand working  and sail finishing skills that had not changed much until 1970/80's. With a love in 17th C, I decided to research and put those almost forgotten skills back into practice. I enjoy living history and experimental archaeology in this area and i demonstrate at various living history sites around the country. I am able to and talk, in depth, about all aspects of sail making through the years; from Mary rose through to 1980's. I can manufacture sails, from different eras, using the correct materials for the time. I can demonstrate and educate others that wish to learn about basic techniques and I am able to run workshops in knots, rigging and sails. As a primary trained teacher, I can also deliver to the younger generation, tailoring to individual needs. My workshop is on the river Itchen in Southampton at Dyer (Bros) Marine which was established in 1856 and I often sit outside working like sail makers through the years would have done. I use traditional and non traditional tools and methods, depending on the situation and era that I am working in.

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rigging, knots, hand sewing, cotton canvas, linen canvas, hemp, jute, leather, sizal. Sails and canvas goods. Naval sail making and canvas goods.