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Sam Glass has been making rocking horses since 1988 He makes bespoke rocking horses with love and care using the patterns designed by him. His horses are things of true beauty yet are built for children (and adults) to play with. Sam crafts his work on the best of the past, continuing the traditions from the great makers. Sam is the only maker at Sam Glass Rocking Horses, all horses are crafted by him, he is an artisan maker and not a factory. Sam is semi retired now but continues to make rocking horses in the traditional way. All horses are painted by hand using brushes and sponges. No modern spray painting or stencils are used. Sometimes the lacquer is sprayed on and the products used are all to modern safety standards.  Sarah, his wife, assists with lifting and the painting, she is an artist, designer and crafts-woman in her own right. Sam has been restoring rocking horses for over 32 years. Many have been over loved, some have been neglected. He brings them back to glory ready to be part of your loving family. Like with a fine painting, the rocking horse will be restored sympathetically. You wouldn't use paint stripper on a work of art. Originality is very important. All his horses, be they created new or restored from old, take many hours as each one is hand crafted in the traditional way; the making of such beautiful objects cannot be rushed. Visits are welcome but by appointment only. Orders taken for advanced dates only as Sam carries no stock, he is an artisan maker and not a factory. It takes many months to create a rocking horse, his horses are all hand carved with traditional handheld tools. All leatherwork is bespoke and made by a British artisan maker of rocking horse tack. Every rocking horse is individually made to your requirements.

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Sam Glass Rocking Horse Maker
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