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Sally hand-builds with different stoneware and earthenware terracotta clays, using slab building or coiling techniques, to make functional, rustic pottery, like bowls, platters, mugs and vases, and also pots for the garden, including hedgehog houses. A favourite decorative technique Sally uses, is impressing natural objects into clay and highlighting the impressions with oxides or glazes, or even leaving them be, so that you can run your fingers over the textures, for direct contact with the fired earth. She loves connecting with raw earth through touch and creativity. It's so therapeutic and brings in ancient connections to the land and to the techniques that were used when humans first started playing with the clay earth around them. The process is still the same, but with a few technological advances, like her electric kiln, although she has enjoyed pit firing too. Sally's work reflects her passion for nature and protecting the environment. Many of her pieces bring a bit of nature into the home, with the hope of inspiring people to walk in woodlands, by the coast, on mountains, to really connect with the precious nature around us and to preserve it as much as she likes to... including all the weeds!

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Hand-building using slab building and coiling techniques, using natural and carved textures. Teaching beginner and intermediate workshops and weekly lessons.


Pilcorn Street
United Kingdom
BS28 4AN

Bee Hive Terracotta Plant Pocket

These wall-mounted terracotta plant pockets have an impressed bee hive design with a several 3D bees visiting. They are ideal for small plants which are full of nectar, so busy bees can feed from them. Water can drain through the pot naturally once the soil has soaked, as there is no waterproof glaze layer.

The bee hive texture is created by impressing a repurposed bit of rubbish, a bit of rubber from a broken car mat. The bees are made using a little ceramic mould I made, using a metal bee that fell off a keyring I’d been using. It’s amazing what you can make using rubbish and broken things! The rough texture areas of the pot is made by rolling a fir cone around on the clay surface.