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My company is the original maker of the famous Sussex Trug Basket, first invented by our founder, Thomas Smith in the village of Herstmonceux in Sussex in 1829. My craftsmen and I still make the Royal Sussex Traditional Trug, using locally coppiced Sweet Chestnut and Cricket Bat Willow, which is the by-product of the English Cricket Bat Industry. The honorific "Royal"" comes from the fact that Thomas Smith was awarded Queen Victoria's Royal Warrant after having sold some of his Trugs to her on the first day of The Great Exhibition in Hyde Park

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Magham Down
Red Lion Hall, New Road
East Sussex
BN27 1PN

Royal Sussex Traditional Garden Trug

Made of locally coppiced Sweet Chestnut for the handle and rim and Cricket Bat Willow for the boards, this is the genuine original Traditional Sussex Trug basket, first made by Thomas Smith of Herstmonceux in the 1820’s. Strong but light of weight a Sussex Trug is made to stand the test of time and becomes an indispensible gardening friend. Useful for all sorts of things in the garden, carrying tools, bulbs, weeds, harvesting fruit, vegetables and flowers The smaller Trugs can also be used in the home to hold fruit or vegetables, eggs, soaps, pot pourri, keys, etc.