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Hello, I'm Ruth. I started The Slow Yarn Spinner in January 2020 to teach people how to make their own yarns using basic tools and sustainably sourced natural fibres. I am passionate about traceable yarns from farms to fabric, as well using materials that would otherwise have gone to waste. I am fascinated by the history and heritage of my craft, which was the focus for my dissertation as part of a MA in Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies.

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I specialise in teaching spinning particularly to those living in cities addressing some of the issues unique to practicing a heritage craft in an urban environment. Creating yarns that are traceable from farm to fabric.  
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Secrets of Spindle Spinning 5 week online course

This comprehensive online course will take you though the process of making your own yarns using a drop spindle. All materials provided including a spindle and a range of British wool fibres to explore.


No experience needed for this course. The course will be delivered online with a mix of recorded videos and live sessions. Groups are kept small so to build a sense of community. Support will be given through out as part of a private Facebook group.

ntroduction- how to set up your spindle

Week 1- Spinning from combed  tops. Covering how twist works and the park and draft method of spinning.

Week 2 – Spinning from carded rolags. The differences between woollen and worsted spinning.

Week 3 – Plying and finishing yarn why it’s necessary and common mistakes with spinning balanced yarns.

Week 4- Suspended spinning with combed tops and plying one thread on itself

Week 5 – Spinning carded batts and finishing a single thread.

All fibres used will have been washed but wool can aggravate some skin conditions, please get in contact if you have concerns.