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I explore colour saturation, texture, surface and fusion of materials to create sumptuous results from alpaca fleece to make ‘one off’ art pieces. The only fleece I use is from our own alpacas in the field behind my studio, which I sometimes combine with other materials. My work can take the shape of cushions, throws, jewellery, hats, rugs, scarves, hangings etc and are created using techniques such as nuno felting and weaving.   Studying painting at Camberwell College of Art and Design, strongly informs my practise. I have also explored making sculpture and printmaking. My work has always been about colour and form. So how did I end up working the way I do now. For further details please go to my website  - the story so far – ‘from field to studio to you’.

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Specialised in
  • 'From field to studio to you'. Using only the alpaca fleece from my own alpacas in the field behind my studio (plus sometimes combining it with silk chiffon, silk or organza).
  • working with the fleece as yarn and fibre to create unique items largely through nuno felting and weaving.
  • creating items with rich colour combinations, yet minimal designs.
  • each piece of work is unique whether a scarf, wrap, rug, table runner, hat or cushion etc.
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Yes, by appointment only
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Available - please ask about pricing


Reggie and the Boys

Blue grey wrap

Made from alpaca fleece and  silk chiffon through the process of nuno felting. One of our alpacas, Raffles looking on!