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Working under the name of Creetown Studio, which is where my studio is,  I have been interested in wood for many years, a medium that that I find fascinating to work with.  Working with wood is something I inherited from my father and for many years I concentrated on antique furniture restoration after studying under Barry Honeybone, a well known furniture restorer in Herefordshire. Some twenty five years ago I became interested in woodturning after turning some small bun feet for a chest of drawers, but it is an area which I now love and spend most of my time doing.   When I first started turning I had lessons from Jimmy Clewes, now a leading turner in the States, learning the basics and then going on to look at hollow forms.  Since then I have studied with leading British turner Tracy Owen , with Nikos Siragas in Crete where I concentrated on woodturning that incorporated carving. And more recently with Irish woodturner Joe Laird Currently I am concentrating on making bowls, hollow vessels and what might be termed “wood art”, incorporating differing techniques including colour and cast Pewter The main focus of my work is always the wood and shaping it in a way that will bring out its natural beauty. The majority of my work is done using local wood, picked up wherever I can find it. Each piece of wood is always different and the results are always a revelation and very tactile. I am available for tuition or demonstrations, please contact for details. Beware - Woodturnig is a very addictive, tactile and relaxing art form.    

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Woodturning using local wood where possible, also pieces incorporating colour and cast Pewter.