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Traditional Signwriter

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Genuine hand painted sign work, for those in want of an authentic look from the analogue era, as seen in old films and photographs
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Yes, by appointment only
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Not available


Robert Stevenson
Burslem Enterprise Centre
Moorland Road
Stoke on Trent

signwriting on honours board

Hand painted lettering without using fine line tape: Most sign writers now use fine line tape top and bottom of the lettering, which is of poor practice. Tape makes the top and bottom of the letters hard and flat; particularly noticeable with small letters. The letters will also have the look of knife cut sticky tape. ┬áMany examples of sign writing done using fine line tape can be seen on you tube, social media sites and on sign writer’s websites: Not on my website though. For more about genuine hand painted sign writing done using the original methods and techniques, please visit my website