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Ria Burns makes small batch, artisanal knitwear from local, traceable wool. She hand dyes her garments with homegrown and foraged native plants, handmaking each piece on a knitting machine to create a locally made, long-lasting, and unique product that works with, not against, the environment.

Ria’s knitwear is designed for longevity and made to be cherished, looked after, and passed on. She takes pride in showcasing the natural hues and qualities of British wool – a soft, warm, and durable textile.

She is committed to regenerative agriculture practices that go beyond sustainability. For Ria, it’s all about local, climate beneficial, slow fashion.

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Specialised in
Machine knitting, knitwear design and production, natural dyeing, sustainable fashion and textiles.  
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Yes, by appointment only
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Ria Burns Knitwear
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Woven Scarf – White and Pastel

Knitted in a bespoke Shetland-Romney lambswool yarn from Fernhill Farm in Somerset, this statement scarf has been adorned with hand woven chunky yarns in a range of naturally dyed colours.

This version uses the natural white yarn for the scarf, and the woven detail is made with a pastel blend of yarns dyed with o ion skins and avocado stones.

The yarn is dyed by hand by Ria then knitted on vintage hand powered knitting machines in her Bristol studio. Due to the nature of natural dyeing, colours may vary slightly to the sample shown.