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Rebecca is a multi-award-winning designer, jeweller and silversmith based in Cardiff, South Wales. Here she creates her works within The Creative Coach House Cardiff’s workshop - a communal studio space founded by Rebecca in 2021.

With a background in design and manufacture, a Bishopsland Educational Trust Fellow and honours graduate from Cardiff School of Art & Design, Rebecca has the ability too, as a maker, utilise a wide variety of processes to achieve her designs, often creating her own tools in wood and metal to both construct and decorate her pieces.

Her versatile approach to how objects are made allow Rebecca to be truly creative and achieve wonderfully precious pieces including; jewellery collections in gold and silver that often incorporate coloured gemstones or diamonds, handcrafted silverware for the home and bespoke client commissions which frequently involve repurposing heir loomed wares.

Rebecca’s works are predominantly inspired by a method of material and process exploration whilst considering notions, styles and artefacts from the past. More recently Rebecca has been examining the beautiful patterns and structures found within microscopic imagery and exploring how to incorporate and expose these hidden details into her work through texture and surface decoration.

Texture is applied to Rebecca’s small- and large-scale pieces though ancient techniques such as; hammering, engraving, chasing, granulation, fusing and reticulation. Her work often incorporates a display Hallmark which is a mark stamped by the London Assay office -a process which began in the 1300’s, on articles of gold and silver certifying their standard of purity. Her latest designs, feature a sparkle texture which is created by hammering small diamonds onto the metals surface.

Rebecca and aims to create beautiful collections that can be worn every day, but last forever and dreams that one day her wares will either be unearthed, treasured or placed in a museum to inspire future generations as previous have inspired her.

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