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Handbuilt bicycles, made to measure and built one at a time.

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Bikes for on and off road touring: whether that's around the world, or just across town to work everyday. I make pragmatic, comfortable bicycles, as utilitarian as they are beautiful.


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The Carrier

The Carrier represents my approach to bicycles, it is built as the bike most people need, most of the time. Designed around comfortable wide tyres, strong and elegant racks, and integrated dynamo lights and mudguards, the Carrier is bike for living with. The Carrier is as at home on an off road tour as a grocery getting trip to the shops. Each Carrier is custom sized to the rider, tubes carefully mitred and then fillet brazed by me. Like all of my bikes, the fillets are left unfiled, raw and straight from the brazing torch, showing the hand of the maker, the evidence of the process visible right there in the end product. I wanted a bike that can liberate, that can roll anywhere, that isn’t precious. The Carrier is that bike.