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The 2014/15 'World Champion' Pole Lathe Turner! I am a Greenwood Chair-maker and teacher using traditional tools to hand craft my chairs. I set up Greenwood Days (a centre for teaching traditional crafts) 20 years ago in the heart of the National Forest. I run a variety of courses taught by experts in their fields with courses including, Chair-making, basketry, willow sculpture, coracle making, longbow making and more. I demonstrate many aspects of greenwood crafts at crafts fairs, country shows and run workshops in schools and colleges including, steam bending, pole lathe turning, seat adzing, draw-knife work and more.

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I teach all abilities from complete beginners to degree students and time served cabinet makers. I run courses in Chair-making, steam bending, seat shaping, sharpening, cleaving and more. Demonstrations, talks and workshops around the country. I have a very high standard of tutor teaching at Greenwood Days, all have ten or more years of experience and are excellent teachers. I run courses in Willow work (basketry, willow sculpture), rustic furniture, longbow making, coracles, folk instrument making,
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Ferrers Centre for Arts & Crafts
Staunton Harold
LE65 1RU

Rustic/bent wood furniture.

Making willow chairs is a traditional greenwood craft bought up to date using modern tools and fastenings.
Spencer Jenkins is your course tutor who’s been creating stunning designs in willow and hazel for more than fifteen years. His work can be seen around the country in galleries, private estates and public places. He created the stunning willow arches for the Queen in Windsor Great Park and the album cover for Black Sabbath’s latest album!
The course will take you through the stages of designing and creating a simple garden chair using willow and hazel in its unseasoned (green) state.
You’ll use a selection of tools including saws, loppers, hammer, nails and a cordless drill.