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About Pete Moncrieff-Jury

I am a full time professional wood turner,  specialising in using sustainably sourced woods and other materials. Whilst I use electric lathes, my work is traditionally based and covers a wide range of work from treen to crafting tools, decorative / artistic work to goblets made for use. I like to incorporate other materials in my work and this can range from metals to glass, bone, leather and fabric.

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Specialised in
Crafting tools and 'rustic' work emphasising the beauty in the wood.
Open to the Public?
Yes, by appointment only
Provides Course / Training
Available for Craft Fairs
Available for educational events only


Bodrighy Wood
Studio Flat, Brook House
The Common
United Kingdom
SN15 2JJ

Textured Box

This is a lovely little box made from walnut and oak. The walnut box has been textured in a pattern giving it both a decorative look and a tactile sense. It is unique and perfect both in practical and decorative terms for any decor. Ideal for those small items and loose change we all collect. It stands a total of 6 1/2″ (165mm) tall incluing the lid and has an inside dimension of 2 1/4$ (53mm) by 2 1/4″ (63mm) diameter. It has been fin ished in a hard wax polish for easy maintenance and durabiuty