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Inspired by nature I use handmade felt to produce contemplative textile homewares and accessories to make the wearer feel cherished. I produce a variety of  brooches, scarves, accessories and wall hangings using wool fibres  in mixtures of bright hues and gentle naturals. Handmade felt takes time to produce – Come join the slow revolution.

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With a Masters in Art, Health and Wellbeing I am fascinated by human interaction and believe we all have our own story to tell.  These stories are all interwoven which I like to think becomes reflected metaphorically in our own artwork.  I make beautiful contemplative pieces of artwork to sell and also run workshops where I encourage people to approach a new craft thoughtfully.  Each piece has a story woven into its fibre which is exactly what happens during the intermingling of fibres during feltmaking.

Peak District Pots

Made from a mixture of soft Merino wool and just a little bit of stronger native breed mixes these bowls were originally several layers of fluffy wool which have been worked by soap and water to create a three dimensional bowl. Inspired by the beautiful Peak District they represent getting out of the city and breathing again…..

They have also had strips of beautiful soft white silk and more colours of merino added during the process giving a fabulous textured effect. Carefully soaped, rubbed, shaped, dried and snipped until they become lovely little trinket bowls just ready to decorate your home with. Drop in those spare keys, bits of change, earrings as you walk through the door.