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About Ernest Wright

The history of Ernest Wright reflects everything Sheffield Steel has become famous for. Highly skilled craftsmen making supreme quality scissors and shears. A lot has changed since the heydays of manufacturing, but we’re proud to be here and able to pass on the heritage of the ancient craft of making scissors and shears.

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The production of handmade, supreme quality scissors and shears. Our master craftsmen still practise techniques that require great skill and experience and which used to be an accepted part of processing scissors of professional quality. Such as flexible grinding: the process of using different tools to produce extremely smooth scissor handles.


Ernest Wright
58 Broad Lane
South Yorkshire
S1 4BT

Antique Stork

The Antique Stork is a true eye-catcher and loved by many for its friendly look and its precise cut. It’s a valuable part of any embroider’s toolkit – though originally designed to cut the umbilical cord.