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Jennie Parry, well known as an embroiderer for many years, is an enthusiastic braid maker, founder member of the Braid Society of which she is currently President. She enjoys sharing her collection of ethnic textiles as a study resource and as inspiration. Much as she enjoys ply split structures, inkle weaving and Chinese minority braids, her real passion is for Kumihimo made on Marudai, Kakudai, Ayatakedai, Karakumidai, and Takadai of which she has four. Its versatility and potential for innovative oblique interlaced structures continues to stimulate her 3D sculptural work. 'Today my relationship with the most sophisticated type of Japanese braiding equipment, the takadai, and now the three level ‘Tri Takadai’ is deeply rooted, total and passionate. Having spent some years learning the essential traditional techniques, I now feel able to experiment, explore and develop the vast potential of these most versatile tools. I use Japanese paper, monofilament, silk, linen, lycra, shrinking silks, silk and stainless steel, and even dissolving threads that create spaces. The experience gained through a vast amount of time spent sampling and experimenting with different combinations of yarns has lead to pioneering innovative work which has gained much international respect. The rhythmic movement of my hands as I braid has parallels with the rhythmic phrasing of musical ideas. One braid is not enough to express my emotional responses to natural rhythms, shadows and patterns, so each piece consists of several braids, sometimes just repeating, sometimes mirroring the order of the bobbins and often manipulated once off the takadai.'

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Twists & Turns II, detail, 2014

Three level takadai braids made from different types of paper yarn