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About Padraig Carragher

Padraig Carragher is a woodturner, storyteller, musician, and owner of Bluebell Lane Glamping in a designated area of outstanding natural beauty, the Ring of Gullion in Co. Armagh. Adjacent to Padraig’s home on the site of a centuries-old mill, once known as “The Big House” and a place where local farmers gathered in bygone days is now his modern woodturning studio.

 Set on 26 acres, Padraig has planted over 20,000 native trees creating a beautiful private woodland filled with local wildlife and sustainable raw material for his woodturning production. Inspired by the neolithic art of woodturning dating back 3,000 years and the beauty of Ireland’s ancient form of writing Ogham, Padraig demonstrates the age-old craft before guiding you through the processes to create your very own Celtic Bowl or Celtic Pendant etched in Ogham.

Using locally sourced native trees, learn how to use the lathe, sharpen tools, sand, and finish under the expert guidance of Padraig. Stroll through the beautiful private woodland and learn how these trees have been used in woodturning for centuries throughout Ireland while enjoying the fresh country air and the surrounding beauty of Slieve Gullion.

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In the shadow of the heather-clad Slieve Gullion mountain, in a land of myths and legends lies Bluebell Lane Glamping and the home of woodturner, storyteller, and musician Padraig Carragher.  In a restored centuries-old mill Padraig demonstrates the ancient craft of woodturning to create a Celtic Pendant, a craft inherited from our Neolithic ancestors dating back 3,000 years. Using locally sourced native trees from his 26-acre private woodland learn how to use the lathe, sand, and polish to create your very own Celtic Pendant.  Your birth month is translated into Ogham (ancient Irish writing) and etched onto the pendant before it is laced and set in a beautiful presentation box ready to take home.  No living trees are ever harmed in the making of these pieces.

Full day Celtic bowl Woodturning workshop

A Warm Welcome
Arrive at Bluebell Lane Glamping at 10:30am, where you will be welcomed by Pádraig Carragher. You’ll take a short walk to our woodturning studio where you will receive Tea and Coffee and have an informal chat and get settled in. (We are located at 49 Tullymacrieve Rd, BT35 9RE)

You will be given a demonstration and explanation of the tools, machines, and materials at the center of this wholesome experience. Pádraig will provide you with a demonstration on the lathe before you get going. No previous experience is required and you will be supplied with everything necessary.

Woodturning: First Stages
You will get stuck into the first stages of woodturning your Celtic Bowl artefact based on the earlier demonstration. This will take you to dinner time (approx. 2pm) And don’t worry if you get peckish in between, refreshments will be served.

A Hearty Dinner and Woodland Tour
After the initial woodturning stages, we will take a short stroll to our kitchen for dinner. After this, we will take a short stroll through our neighboring woodland and discuss the different trees and their usages in woodturning.

Woodturning: Second Stages
Around 3pm, we will arrive back at the studio for the second stage of of the Celtic Bowl woodturning demonstration. You will carry out these stages until completion of your bowl.

A Final Touch
Using a pyrography pen, you can burn a special message or name on the bottom of your Celtic Bowl to give some extra meaning to the artefact you have created. You will finish up around 5:30 or 6pm.