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Nidavellnir is the UK's leading Historical Nalbinding Specialist. Now with nalbound items and Nalbinding for Beginners resources available on Etsy. Nidavellnir specialises in the Single Danish stitch called 'languette' as well as the York Stitch; which creates a fine and durable textile. Teaching this heritage craft from the archaeological examples is Nidavellnir's main focus. Nidavellnir handcrafts all nalbound items you see in the online shop and sources wool from local farmers to make your Historical hats, socks and gloves. All items are hand crafted out of pure wool; from Icelandic, Shetland and British Rare breed wool. Custom orders welcome. Run by Viking-Age Archaeologist Emma 'Bruni' Boast MA, Nidavellnir can now provide virtual workshops and digital resources to learn this ancient craft. Nidavellnir is a member of the HCA-UK as well as Exarc, an international body for the protection of heritage reconstruction and interpretation. Nidavellnir has made nalbound items for museum displays, educational resources, re-enactment communities and the TV/Film Industry. From the British Museum to Roskilda Ship Museum. Nidavellnir launched the first Nalbinding for Beginners Book and Starter Kit in February 2018, to promote, teach and safeguard this heritage craft. In March 2019, Nidavellnir was instrumental in getting Nalbinding listed as an Endangered Heritage Craft, as there are very few skilled professionals teaching this craft professional as a full-time job. Nidavellnir's aim is to safeguard this craft by developing teaching materials to bring awareness of this craft to more people. As well as attending any wool craft and heritage shows, teaching, demonstrating and encouraging people to start learning this ancient craft for Historical or Modern purposes. Nidavellnir is owned by Viking-Age Archaeologist and Heritage Specialist Emma 'Bruni' Boast MA. A Published author and active heritage professional, with over 15+years experience in Viking heritage/archaeological education and engagement. In March 2020, Nidavellnir joined the UK Guild of Master Craftsmen UK. Nidavellnir is also a member and supporter of the Rarebreed Survival Trust UK. Feel free to contact for questions , queries or collaborative projects.

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Viking-Age Nalbinding: Simple Looping, York Stitch, teaching from the archaeological examples. Living History Demonstrations, Craft/Educational Displays, Nalbinding for Beginners Have-a-go Sessions, Archaeological and Historical Public Lectures, Open to invites to craft, wool and heritage fairs.
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Handmade Nalbinding Needle Set

Nidavellnir is proud to bring you a historical nalbinding needle set. All handcrafted by yours truely, this nalbinding needle set contains:
– 1 x Oak Nalbinding Needle, flat profile.
(9.5cm x 1-1.8cm x 1.8cm- these are approximate sizes)
– 1 x Limewood Nalbinding Needle, flat profile.
(9.5cm x 1-1.8cm x 1.8cm- these are approximate sizes)
– 1 x Bone Needle, round profile- ethically sourced.
(9.5cm x 1-1.8cm x 1.8cm- these are approximate sizes)

The Oak and Limewood needles have been made entirely by hand, crafted using hand tools. As well as being finished and polished using lanolin and beeswax, to provide longevity for your craft tools and a Beautiful sheen.

All needles are individually shaped and each one has its own unique character, perfectly suitable and tactile for use in nalbinding. If you would prefer a thinner or broader needle please just state in a note on purchase, and I’ll pick an appropriate one for you.

The Bone needle is suitable for fine nalbinding work, with quite a sharp point, being good for beginners to see the formation of their stitches. The Oak and Limewood needles are suitable for stitches whereby you are doing complex stitching involving casting onto the thumb.

Perfect if you already have a wool mountain at home and want the tools to try nalbinding for the first time!