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Nidavellnir produces nalbinded items; nalbinding being the term for single needle 'knitting', used to create hats, socks, finger-less mittens and full mittens during the Viking Age. Nidavellnir has 10years experience making nalbinded items and teaching this historic craft. In February 2018 Nidavellnir launched the 'Nalbinding for Beginners' book and starter kit. In November 2018, Nidavellnir submitted a proposal to the HCA for Nalbinding to be put on the Red List of Endangered Crafts. Based off of the research and expertise provided by Nidavellnir as of the 9th March 2019, Nalbinding is now an Endangered Heritage Craft and protected by the HCA. Nidavellnir has made nalbinded items for museum displays, educational resources, re-enactment communities and the TV/Film Industry. Nidavellnir is run and owned by Emma "Bruni" Boast MA , who is also an active Archaeologist, Living History Interpretation Specialist and Viking Age Heritage Consultant.

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Nidavellnir specialises in the single danish stitch called 'langet', which creates a fine and durable textile. Nidavellnir is also able to create items from the York stitch. All items are crafted out of pure wool and custom orders are welcome. Books and kits are now available online.
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