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Working in wood, with a mixture of traditional hand tools and modern machinery. Working with urban sourced green wood from the Manchester area and dried woods sourced within the UK. Spoon carving using an axe and two knives. Wood turning on an electric lathe, inspired by pole lathe and traditional forms. My furniture is made using traditional joinery techniques such as staked joints (tapered and wedged round mortice and tenons.)

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Greenwood - spoon carving, bowl turning on electric lathe, furniture making.
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Yes, by appointment only
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Studio Critical:
East Philip Street
M3 7LE

Set of 3 nested bowls with carved rim

These hand turned bowls are made from a Sycamore tree that was removed by tree surgeons in north Manchester. Hand carved texture on rim of all 3 bowls adds a beautiful tactile experience to holding these.

The bowls are a nested set, turned from a single piece of wood. Using a special curved tool to ‘scoop’ the smaller bowls out of the larger one. Truly a unique set, the bowls grain lines up as the bowl sit together as they were grown.

Dimensions: Approximately – 385mm x 105mm 235mm x 65mm 135mm x 40mm

These bowls were turned on a vintage Viceroy lathe, made in Leeds. In the tradition of pole lathe turning, the tool marks are left on the bowls, no sanding is performed, this is to accentuate the tactile surface of the wood. Turned while the wood was green (fresh) and air dried, allowing the natural movement of the wood to form the final shape.

Finished with a hand rubbed food safe linseed oil/beeswax mixture.